A baby girl is getting lots of love on Facebook after posing with a rescue calf in a Chick-fil-A-themed photo session.

Braelyn Roberts, who turns 1 on Aug. 22, smiled for the camera while enjoying some goodies from the popular fast food chain.

"She is the funniest baby," mom Tyler Roberts of Alturas, Florida, told "Good Morning America." "She is so shy at first. If she doesn’t know you, she will just stare you down and once she warms up she is such a giggle box."

Roberts said the baby calf was rescued by a woman named Marissa Denson. Braelyn was in her element cuddling with the animal as Tori Walker Photography snapped away.

This was the first time Braelyn ever tasted Chick-fil-A -- her parents' favorite.

The photo shoot was titled "Thick-fil-A."

"Because she's always been a chunky girl," mom said. "She was born 9 pounds, 3 ounces."

Follow more of Braelyn's journey on her Facebook and Instagram pages, "Brae and Bougie."