It's so simple it's brilliant.

Celebrity makeup artist and mom of two Courtney Hart said she found out her children's school was closing until mid April and struggled with how to tell them it wasn't a scary thing.

And then it came to her. The way people pull over for an ambulance is much the same as what society is trying to do now.

"We really do work together in a million small ways that we maybe just don’t think about. One of those ways is pulling over for an ambulance or fire truck. It honestly strikes me every time I see it. We collectively work together to help someone we don’t know and most likely ever will. I think it’s a beautiful thing," Hart told "Good Morning America."

She shared the video to her Instagram, she said, because she hoped it would help "frame" social distancing.

When we see an ambulance, she said, "we are not afraid. We are simply moving out of the way and stopping to make space for people who need help quickly to get it. We will all work together, pull over, and stop, which I think is a beautiful thing."

Hart said she's been shocked at the reaction to her video.

"I have been contacted by doctors, teachers, parents and friends who have told me about how they have shared the message with all kinds of people. One sweet woman on Instagram told me she shared it with a group of kids she saw at a supermarket who where scared.... I’m just so glad it’s been helpful," she told "GMA."

Actress Kristen Bell is a friend of Hart's and Hart said she was "thrilled" when Bell shared it on her page. Her husband, Ben Hart, wrote a children’s book with Bell that comes out in June called "The World Needs More Purple People."