There's not typically anything sweet about what happens on a bathroom changing table, but for one Nashville mom, a trip to a restaurant bathroom led to a heartwarming moment.

Tiffany Daniels was having dinner at a Chili's chain restaurant in Hermitage, Tennessee on July 13 when she took her daughter to the bathroom to change her.

"I opened the changing table and I always clean it before I use it and they were laying on the table," Daniels told "Good Morning America" of a message and the free wipes that she found in the changing room.

She said she initially thought " Oh man, someone left their wipes [but] then I seen the note attached."

The note said "Hey there mom! We've all been there . . . ran out of wipes or even forgot them. If that's you today, we hope this helps! Take what you need and leave the rest! Remember you're awesome!"

"Although I didn’t need them it warmed my heart to see this act of kindness," she wrote. "Very Hip! It made my day so I could only imagine how it could make another momma feel if she did need them at the time."

Daniels told "GMA" that she found the mom who left the wipes and note and acts of kindness are something she does regularly.

"Every year for her birthday she does acts of kindness of every year, so for example if she’s 30 then she would do 30 things in a year."

Small acts of kindness go a long way.

"All you hear about is negative things in the world it’s nice to see positive things," Daniels said.