When it comes to virtual learning, it helps to make the best of it.

6-year-old Delaney Jones of Beaverton, Oregon, was filming herself during a craft tutorial. Her dad, Isaac Jones, not realizing that Delaney was filming herself for school and not just fun, hilariously dances to "Uptown Funk" in the background.

"As I was looking through Delaney's seesaw I was surprised when I came across a video that showed my husband dancing in the background of this craft tutorial she sent," Delaney's mom Jennifer Jones told "Good Morning America." "As I continued to watch, I was laughing so hard tears were streaming."

Jones uploaded the video to Facebook, where it's been viewed more than 11 million times.

"I knew my husband had no idea she had sent it to her teacher," Jones said. "When I called him at work to tell him that I had found a video of him dancing in the background while she did a craft project and that it had been sent to her teacher he asked me if I was sure three different times."

The "kicker" she said, was when she told Issac about the Facebook upload.

"He laughed out of nervousness and disbelief that he got caught being so silly with the kids," she said.

But millions of viewers, along with Delaney's teacher, have enjoyed the video. "It made her day," Jones said of the email her daughter's teacher had sent once she spotted the dancing dad.

The scene, though never meant for the public, is a typical one in the Jones' house.

"Dancing and laughing in our house is very common," Jones said, noting how Delaney was unfazed by her dad's display. "But Isaac is not one to share something like that intentionally with the world, so it warmed my heart to see that others appreciated the fun amazing dad he is."