The nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit at Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, are familiar with newborns.

What they weren't expecting was that 14 members of their nursing staff would all be expecting their own little ones around the same time.

"It's a baby boom!" Saint Luke's posted on Facebook earlier in June, announcing that more than a dozen of its labor and delivery unit NICU nurses were expecting or had recently delivered.

One of the nurses told "Good Morning America" recently that she broke the news of her pregnancy to her fellow nurses before even telling her family.

"Don't tell them, though," Ellie Kongs, who is due in October, said with a laugh.

The nurses said it started with a few nurses, then slowly more of the women would reveal their baby news.

"It was awesome because I thought I was the only one that was trying to get pregnant," nurse Caitlin Hall said.

Some of the nurses recently delivered their babies and shared what it was like to have their colleagues by their side throughout the process.

"I ended up in an emergency C-section, so it wasn't what I planned on, but having all my co-workers here and the support that I had was amazing," Hall told "GMA."

"I can’t imagine delivering without knowing all these people," she added.

The hospital said in its initial Facebook post about the pregnancies that the nurses were all expecting their babies between May and December.

"We can't wait to spoil these moms and babies just like we do with every special delivery at Saint Luke's," the hospital said.

Fourteen pregnancies may seem like a lot -- but the NICU team isn't finished surprising people just yet.

"It's still very early, but I'm pregnant!" nurse Kristen Lutz, who also works in the labor and delivery unit, revealed on "GMA."

The baby boom continues!