A father who was deployed for 9 months met his son for the first time -- and the entire moment was captured in photos.

James Chevalier was greeted last month by his wife Mary and sons Caspian, 6 months and Gage, 4. The family met at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia, where Brittany Watson of Brittany Leigh Photography, snapped the pictures.

Mary Chevalier told "Good Morning America" that Gage didn't know his father would be returning home that day.

"My husband is very attentive to his children and really wants to be this amazing father figure to his kids," Mary Chevalier said, adding that Caspian arrived during the third month of her husband's deployment.

"Seeing them come together for the first time ... it seemed like Caspian had an immediate connection. It was like they already knew each other. It was very emotional."

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    Watson, who also photographed the Chevalier's wedding, shared the images on her Facebook page, where it got some love and shares by various news outlets.

    "It was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences I've ever had as a photographer," she told "GMA." "It was an honor ... and I will always remember it."

    James Chevalier is going to use the skills he learned in the Army National Guard to become a paramedic in the U.S., his wife said.