A black Barbie doll who uses a wheelchair has made Twitter very happy as of late.

Twitter user Summersnoqueen posted a photo of the Barbie and it's been liked almost 30,000 times.

The Barbie is part of Mattel's Fashionista line which features dolls of varying body types, hair color, skin tone and eye color. The dolls are available at Amazon, Target and other retailers.

Social media reactions to the new Barbie are overwhelmingly positive.

Mattel said on its website that the Fashionista line has 40 dolls with seven body types, 11 skin tones and 28 hairstyles.

This wheelchair accessory for this doll was in collaboration with the UCLA Mattel Children’s hospital, the company told "Good Morning America."

The wheelchair is modeled "after a real, rigid frame wheelchair and doll included has an articulated made-to-move body to easily fit in the wheelchair." The wheelchair accessory accommodates all body types offered -- tall, curvy and original. A ramp accessory is included for to fit with the Barbie Estate items.