This 3-year-old playing doctor has been diagnosed with a serious case of cuteness.

Dequan Nichols, the father of 3-year-old Jakobi Nichols, posted a video on Instagram of his son giving him a “daily checkup” that has gotten thousands of views.

Nichols said Jakobi wanted to play doctor and asked his dad to film him giving a checkup.

In the video, Jakobi asks Nichols for his name to which he replies “Dada.” Jakobi repeats it and intently writes it down. He then adorably asks, “What happened?”

When Nichols tells his son he woke up with a cramp in his neck, Jakobi uses a plastic stethoscope to check his heart and gasps with the results.

“He told me, ‘Dad I want to be a doctor.’ So, I ordered him some stuff on Amazon,” Nichols said. “He picked up everything on his own just by going to the doctor himself.”

Since Nichols posted to Instagram, the video has gotten over 20,000 views and nearly 300 comments.

“I wasn’t even going to post it until my friends told me I should,” Nichols said. “People have seen the video in India and Brazil. It’s just crazy.”

Nichols said Jakobi is a playful kid and is always energetic, excited and happy. When he’s not diagnosing his dad, Nichols says the two love to play basketball together.

“I’m on the All Navy basketball team so he comes to my games to watch,” Nichols said. “He loves to play basketball and we play all the time.”

Whether he's playing basketball or doctor, Jakobi’s cuteness will warm your heart.