Weight loss, drinking less, exercise more and spend less -- all common New Year's resolutions.

But when it comes to family, some of the most meaningful ways to reconnect with the ones you love most come in the form of the simplest resolutions.

Create a family ritual

Whether it’s a weekly pizza night or a Saturday morning movie in bed, rituals are crucial for creating a feeling of belonging and security in a family. They’re also the basis of many happy memories as children grow and leave home. Family rituals are also something for both kids and parents to count on difficult times -- like right now.

Device-free days

Ever notice how you -- or your kids -- pick up a device and suddenly an hour has passed and no one has looked up? Make a plan to have a device-free day -- or portion of the day -- every week. Perhaps it’s every Sunday or it’s weeknights after dinner -- any time spent disconnected from the outside world leaves you more connected with your family at home.

Volunteer together

Doing good for others is always a good idea and volunteering with your kids has a twofold benefit -- not only helping those in need but also bonding with family over a shared passion. Pick your cause together and figure out a way to support it as a family.

Take family walks (or hikes or bike rides)

Whether it’s before breakfast, after dinner or between Zooms, this resolution not only helps you maintain the "exercise more" resolution nearly everyone makes, but it also helps you carve out time to connect and converse with your kids.

Editor's note: This piece was originally published on Jan. 2, 2021.