Break out your spoons and phones, one New York City ice cream shop is on a mission to make your stomach and your Instagram feed a little bit sweeter.

Stax Ice Cream, a female-founded ice cream shop in the heart of Chinatown, takes your favorite traditional treats to the next level.

This ice cream establishment prides themselves on their handcrafted flavors, and they’re not your typical vanilla and chocolate. Customers will find flavors such as fruity pebbles, jasmine milk tea and even cornflake bourbon waiting to be scooped.

The shop is known for their Cremella, which is a hot-pressed doughnut ice cream sandwich. Stax puts their handcrafted ice cream flavors inside a fresh doughnut. They then use a special machine to press the scrumptious combo and create an ice cream sandwich that’s warm and toasty on the outside, while cold and creamy on the inside.

In addition to their famous Cremella sandwich, you can also buy their signature flavors in a cup or colorful waffle cone. Each cone is topped with a custom macaroon to make your frozen treat extra tasty.

Recently, Stax has added mini ice cream cakes to their menu. Filled with both the fruity pebble and ube flavors, the custom cakes are decorated to perfection and are the perfect serving size for one to three people.

Stax co-founder Vida Feng says it’s not only their mission for their treats to be tasty, they also want them to be picture-perfect.

“We always eat with our phones first,” Feng says. “That’s why this product is so Instagram worthy.”

Whether you’re doing it for the ‘gram or doing it because it’s delicious, Stax Ice Cream has treats that taste as good as they look.