Sure, that unassuming jar sitting tucked into the top of a fridge door may seem lacking for a full spread, but good news -- it doesn't need to go to waste.

Nicole Keshishian Modic has a seemingly endless supply of helpful kitchen tips and tricks. So when it comes to the last bits of a condiment jar, like mustard or peanut butter, she's got just the thing to make the most of what's left.

Check out her five easy and genius jar tricks in the video below.

Almost empty mustard jar? Time to add the ingredients to shake up a simple vinaigrette.

Leftover pickle jar with all that brine and juice? Add some fresh veggies like green beans to soak and create a fresh pickled veg.

Jam that's almost impossible to completely scrape out? Add some olive oil, vinegar and herbs and make a sweet, tangy vinaigrette -- the possibilities are endless.