Our childhood dreams came true with this fluffy, light-as-air and all-natural cotton candy!

Brooklyn Floss, created by Kiyomi Toda-Burke, specializes in this all-natural and ridiculously fluffy concoction.

"We make all natural flavored cotton candy. All vegetable based dye and natural flavoring," Toda-Burke told "Good Morning America."

The pink dye in the bright bubblegum-flavored cotton candies comes from radishes, Toda-Burke told "GMA."

"Something safe to eat, even though it’s all sugar," she added.

Toda-Burke, a former pastry chef from Tokyo, Japan, was inspired to create Brooklyn Floss because of her childhood fascination and love of cotton candy, which she ate at Japanese festivals as a child.

"I hope you’ll find as much nostalgia in this treat as I do," she writes on her website.

"I try to be cute and fluffy and pastel all the time," Toda-Burke said of her aesthetic.

Her cotton candy comes in 24 different flavors from classics like BubbleGum to Pina Colada, Lemon Lavender and even Pumpkin Spice.

You can catch her selling the cotton candy from her Brooklyn, New York, cart or book her as a caterer for your next party.