Singer, actress and advocate Selena Gomez is adding another title to her resume: Ice cream sundae inventor.

The Selena Sundae is officially on the menu at Serendipity3, an iconic New York City spot known for its famous frozen hot chocolate and other desserts. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

PHOTO: The new Selena Sundae from Serendipity3.
The new Selena Sundae from Serendipity3.

Gomez, who announced the new dessert exclusively with "Good Morning America," said "my memories at this place go back to when I was a child visiting New York City."

"It has been such an easy and natural partnership and it’s been wonderful how they are supporting the causes I believe in," she continued. "They will be donating 10% of the proceeds of my new sundae on the menu to my Rare Impact Fund, which is committed to giving people access to resources they need to support their mental health."

PHOTO: Selena Gomez in an ice cream truck for a music video.
Selena Gomez / Serendipity Brands
Selena Gomez in an ice cream truck for a music video.

The collaboration was inspired by Gomez's own flavor, Cookies & Cream Remix, served with three scoops of the ice cream, along with banana, hot fudge, cream-filled cookie crumbles, pink sugar, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Thinking back on her childhood Gomez told "GMA" the dessert "always seemed like such a special treat to be able to have ice cream."

"I think we can all remember the sound of the ice cream truck coming through your neighborhood and how excited we all got," she said of the nostalgic stand-out sound.

PHOTO: Selena Gomez with her new Selena Sundae from Serendipity3.
Selena Gomez / Serendipity3
Selena Gomez with her new Selena Sundae from Serendipity3.

The award-winning singer, songwriter and producer became a partial owner, investor and partner in Serendipity3 and Serendipity Brands last year.

The restaurant recently reopened its doors in July after more than a year of renovations to its flagship location.

When asked who she would most love to sit down and share her new sundae with, Gomez said she would keep it in the family.

"For me, it’s all about enjoying with my family," she explained. "Especially anyone I can take to the restaurant for their first time because you never forget that moment."