One TikTok creator is baking up the magic of "Encanto."

Mirvat Hachem Osseili, 40, also known as bakemydaymimo, has been recognized for her amazing cake designs that have gone viral on TikTok.

"Ever since I watched 'Encanto,' I really had the urge to create a cake for it," Osseili told "GMA." "I was inspired because I come from an immigrant family and I can relate to the family, especially Luisa."

"Encanto" tells the story of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, that lives in a vibrant magical house hidden in the mountains of Colombia. The TikTok cake maker was inspired by "Encanto's" vibrant colors and catchy songs, with the details of her "Encanto" cakes including an antique cake base and edible picture of characters Lusia, Isabella and Mirabel, along with icing detailing to mimic the brick on the magical Madrigal house.

"Creating art is my passion. I found a way to create cake art, so I can express my art in a fun and edible way," Osseili said.

Osseili also added roses to the tree branches with a Russian piping tip and included green leaves on the flowers.

"It is truly a blessing to be able to have supporters cheer me on," Osseili said of her online fans. "They continue to motivate me to keep going. I love the support from my TikTok family."