As American Airlines and United Airlines announced furloughs for thousands of employees amid the coronavirus pandemic, one flight attendant bid adieu to her time in the skies with a heartfelt message to everyone on board.

On her last working flight from Jacksonville, Florida, to Dallas, Breaunna Ross, 29, thanked passengers and crew members over the intercom.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness shown on today’s flight,” Ross said in the video, which was taken by her fellow co-flight attendant on board. “This job was an escape for me after being unhappy with my job after graduating from college. It was a job that awarded me many opportunities. A job that I fell in love with.”

“I have been to places I thought I’d never have the opportunity to go and places I never knew existed,” she continued. “I’ve met people from all walks of life and made friendships that will last the rest of my life.”

PHOTO: Breaunna Ross, 29, poses next to an airplane's tail.
Breaunna Ross
Breaunna Ross, 29, poses next to an airplane's tail.

Ross, who has been with American Airlines since 2018, found out about her furlough in August, and ever since then has been preparing herself for when that day would come. On her last flight, Ross said she “just felt compelled to say something” that day, especially because everyone was so nice and cheerful when they boarded.

For Ross, her role as a flight attendant is something she holds close to her heart, and the time she spent in the skies with her fellow crew members always felt like time spent with family.

“I love the people, the passengers that I’ve kept in touch with, the crews,” she said. “You could be having a bad day and your crew will just help you get through it.”

PHOTO: American Airlines flight attendant, Breaunna Ross, 29, poses on a plane's engine.
Breaunna Ross
American Airlines flight attendant, Breaunna Ross, 29, poses on a plane's engine.

And although she’s furloughed, Ross says that she plans on becoming a flight attendant again when the time comes. And in the meantime, she’s staying positive and supporting her fellow crew members who have also been furloughed during the pandemic.

“The whole world is hurting right now, but I do think I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason,” she said. “You may not see it right now, but there is a reason why this happened and there is a reason it’s going to bring something greater to you.”

For those who are feeling down during this time she said, “Just know there are people out there for you that care about you and love you and are willing to help you in any way possible. And that’s especially to any of my flight attendant brothers and sisters in the sky.”