An Ohio teacher's video of her and her students reciting uplifting affirmations is getting tons of love on Instagram.

MoNique Waters, a kindergarten teacher at Wilcox Primary School in Twinsburg, said she and her class shout the encouraging words during their morning meeting when they set the tone for the day ahead.

"We say it as a reminder of all the things they are," Waters told "Good Morning America." "It's important because adults are really stressed during the pandemic, but we forget that it's stressful on our kids, on our students, too. I am really doing my best to make sure they're [doing] well, as well."

In the short clip shared with her 72,000 Instagram followers, Waters and her 5- and 6-year-old students enthusiastically chant, "I am strong, I am talented, I am smart, I am so, so special, I can achieve anything."

After shouting the affirmations, Waters asks the class to kiss their "smart, smart brain."

Waters said the affirmations were inspired by's song "What I Am," which children may recognize from Sesame Street's 41st season.

Waters said she encourages the use of affirmations in classrooms, especially since the pandemic may be stressful for some educators.

"Whether you are teaching virtually or in person, you can do this with your kids," she said.