In a new episode of "Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris," a podcast featuring conversations on how faith has guided newsmakers and celebrities through their best and worst times, ABC News' Paula Faris sits down with former NFL and MLB player Deion Sanders.

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Here is Paula, in her own words, about the new episode.

The first thing I learned about Deion Sanders is that "Primetime" takes time seriously. He showed up early for this interview — an interview that was conducted in his pastor’s downtown Dallas office.

Deion calls Pastor Omar Jahwar his spiritual father and best friend. He’s the man who will be marrying Deion to his longtime love, Tracey Edmonds. And he's the man who’s been there for him since Deion tried to take his own life.

As Deion tells me, he "had what the world calls success." He was the only athlete who played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. He had money, fame and women. And then he found out there was “nothing there." So he drove his car off the side of a highway, falling 40 feet off a cliff.

But he survived. “I opened my eyes and I was still alive," he said.

Despite what happened that day, Deion says he kept running — until an “indescribable” moment in his Cincinnati apartment in the late 90s. He tells us about that moment — the one that changed everything — in this week's episode of "Journeys of Faith."

This is Deion Sanders’ story. A man who is now walking in his calling of uniting people, helping the disadvantaged and shining a flashlight on the needy. And, as only Primetime can say, he’s “unapologetically gonna go get it."

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