It's hard to believe, but there's just 10 days left before the Christmas shipping cutoff! With Thanksgiving falling on a much later date this year, retailers are now pushing consumers to get their shopping done in a shorter window than last year.

But today, a new shopping holiday has spared us another day to stock up on deals and get those items that we probably missed on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It's called Green Monday, a term coined by ebay in 2007 to describe the best sales day in December -- usually the Monday after Cyber Monday.

"Green Monday is another opportunity where if you did miss out on some of those Cyber Monday deals, you might see some of them come back on that day," said Regina Conway of the website Slick Deals. "We will see more discounts on things like electronics and apparel will continue to be a strong discount as well."

VIDEO: New shopping event 'Green Monday' boasts more holiday discounts
VIDEO: New shopping event 'Green Monday' boasts more holiday discounts

If you take a look online today, many prices for things found online like tech items are being sold at low prices as if it was still Black Friday.

At Target, a 32 GB iPad remains at the same price that it was two weeks ago on Black Friday at $249 -- $80 off the original price.

But what many will use this shopping day for is toys. And Regina Conway says that today is a good day to take advantage of those low prices.

"The other category that we really see typically through the first two weeks of December is toys. And that's a good time to really shop for it," she said.

At Walmart, toys like a 14-Doll LOL Surprise Set, is $35 off. And at Target, blanket toy discounts are offered, like spend $50 and get $10 off or spend $100 and get $25 off your purchase.

While there are many deals happening today online, Conway says today might be the only best day for deals as it gets closer to the holidays.

"There's no guarantee that you'll see better discounts as it gets closer to the holiday. So it's a good opportunity to tap into those offers and make that purchase if you're looking for something specific," she said.

Here are more deals to look out for today:


: 40% off entire site

: 30% off whole site and 15% off beauty

- GAP, 50% off

- Old Navy, 50% off

, 30% off. Nordstrom sale price: $119, regular price: $179


, Target sale price: $249. Original: $329

, Best Buy sale price: $399. Original: $499

- Echo Dot, Amazon sale price: $24.95. Original: $49.99

- Mophie back up battery from B&H photo, sale price: $21.95, Original: $59.95

, Best Buy sale price: $279. Original: $350

, 16 GB, Best Buy sale price: $99.99 (save $100)

, Best Buy sale price: $479.99 (save $320)


- spend $50 and get $10 off, or spend $100 and get $25 off.

$35 off at Walmart. Sale: $94, regular price: $129

Household items

, Best Buy Deal: $549 with $50 Best Buy Gift Card, Original: $549