August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, and while many of us have become enlightened on the topic throughout the past several weeks, there are several solution-based companies that deserve to be given the spotlight for their never-ending efforts as well.

People shed from 50 to 100 single hairs per day, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Hair shedding is part of a natural balance — some hairs fall out while others grow in.

When the balance is interrupted — when hair falls out and less hair grows in — hair loss happens.

With this ongoing issue, also medically known as alopecia, many companies have found ways to help those who are experiencing hair loss.

Hair Club, founded in 1976, has been providing hair restoration-based services for decades and continues to pair clients with over 1,100 licensed hair loss experts in more than 100 locations across the country.

There are also a variety of trusted companies, such as Nutrafol, that create supplements and other products specifically formulated to treat hair follicles from the inside out.

Ahead, "GMA" has highlighted five companies that women and men can turn to for hair loss awareness and best practices for treating it.

Hair Club

Hair Club has been helping clients with hair loss issues for over 40 years. There are four core services available -- Xtrands+, Xtrands, EXT Extreme Hair Therapy, Laser Technology, MicroDermal Pigmentation -- which do everything from having individual hair strands matched and added to your head to non-surgical techniques that replicate the appearance of thicker, fuller hair by adding proprietary formula of pigment to the scalp with micro-fine needles.

Additionally, Hair Club offers non-surgical hair replacement services for children between the ages of 6 and 17, free of charge.


Nutrafol is a 100% drug-free company with supplements with medical-grade ingredients saw palmetto, hydrolyzed collagen and evolnmax, which all have been proven to boost the health of your hair.

There is also a Growth Plan feature that allows you to take a five-minute evaluation based on common factors, such as stress and toxins, that could be impacting your hair growth. Once complete, you receive a personalized product recommendation to fit your specific needs.

Philip Kingsley

For years, Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics has continued to receive rave reviews because many people appreciate that these clinics allow you to understand how your hair type works and treat it accordingly.

On your first visit, there is usually about an hour-long consultation that taps into everything from your lifestyle to your hair issues. From there, a trichologist-approved treatment is done and usually, a prescription of products is recommended.

If you can't make it to the clinic, there are also a wide array of products on Philip Kingsley's website that you can try based on your needs.


Harklinikken primarily focuses on hair regrowth by working with top board-certified dermatologists and scientists at clinics in Tampa, Los Angeles, and New York City. There are also online consultations available if you aren't close by any of those locations for a physical appointment.

As listed on the company's website, proprietary Extract, based on ingredients derived from plants and cow's milk, is customized and used on clients to encourage an increase in hair mass.

There is also a hair loss program, including derivatives from burdock root and marigold, that are combined in a 3-step fermentation process that can be tailored and adjusted throughout treatments.

In addition to these services, there is also a wide range of products available online.


This entire brand caters to men's wellness and personal care through treatment options.

Many people have given high praises to the Complete Hair Loss Kit, which includes Finasteride pills, The shampoo, Minoxidil, and The Vitamin, which all work together to combat hair thinning.

There are also a countless amount of before and after photos of men who have used and stand by the power of Hims hair loss products.