Feeling froggy?

Before you answer that, feast your eyes on the fun nail art trend inspired by... you guessed it: frogs.

Animal prints have been a big nail hit this year, and the colorful spotty skin of tropical poison dart frogs is part of the inspiration behind the ongoing trend.

Dart frogs usually tend to have dark spots or even stripes. They also come in vibrant hues such as orange, yellow, red and the traditional green.

PHOTO: Frog print nail art is a great summer trend to try.
Frog print nail art is a great summer trend to try.

Check out the beautiful blue look from @fleuryrosenails below. She calls it "Dart frog jell," and said she used Leafgel Premium gel in K06 as a base.

As pointed out by Allure, it's not a full-blown nail trend yet, but many agree it should be.

Scroll ahead and prepare to fall in love with these fun froggy manis.

Instagram: @fresh.claws

This yellow and black splotchy look gives the ultimate summer vibes.

We also love this red and black poison dart frog-inspired rendition of the look from @fresh.claws.

Instagram: @good_girl_ck

This bright orange and blue look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Instagram: @loopygrog_nails

If you're going to go green, why not take a page out of @loopygrog_nails' book? This marble-toned edition is equal parts fun and froggy.

Instagram: @guadagarcia.nails

If you're not quite ready for full-on poison dart nail art, you can always opt for a cute drawing of a royal frog on one of your nails, too.