Lizzo is the star of Elle UK's September issue, and she's hard to miss wearing a bright Balenciaga caution-tape catsuit.

Alongside the cover line, "Lizzo Unwrapped," the Grammy Award-winning singer was photographed for the cover wrapped in the yellow designer tape.

If you're wondering why the ensemble looks familiar, chances are it's because you initially saw it worn by Kim Kardashian in March when she attended the brand's fall 2022 show.

"I'm a ridiculous human... just stream "About Damn Time," and don't ask any questions," Lizzo captioned a funny video of herself wearing the look as she stiffly dances around.

Elle UK spoke candidly with Lizzo about everything from pop stardom to her mental health journey to body confidence and self-love. She also opens up about recording her new album, "Special," during the pandemic.

When starting out in her career, Lizzo recalled not seeing other stars who looked like her on stage.

"Nearly every star I saw on stage was thinner and light-skinned," she told the magazine.

While the "Truth Hurts" singer admits that she knows there are people who want to look like her now, she also wasn't really set up to believe that she was desirable. However, she has built her inner confidence by using the "fake it till you make it" method where she started to attract a lot of people who thought she was beautiful.

"But [my best friend] genuinely thought I was beautiful and helped me believe it and verbalize it out loud," Lizzo added. "I was like, 'Oh no, my [beauty] is real.' And I think that's an important thing. You start attracting people who see you the way you see yourself. Anyone around you is going to notice you how you view yourself."

On speaking to her latest album, Lizzo reflected on it being hard for her to find meaning.

"I had to remember, when we come out of lockdown, people are going to be coming out of a depression," she told Elle UK. "And the end of lockdown does not signify the end of their mental-health struggles. So I wanted to make music that people can use as a soundtrack to survive. That was the driver for this album. All of these incredible songs are giving people the language to express themselves and to have a release after everything they've experienced."

ELLE UK's September 2022 issue will officially go on sale July 28.