Salma Hayek and her daughter are co-starring on the cover of Vogue Mexico's May 2022 issue.

Photographed by Nico Bustos, the mother-daughter duo are seen up close and personal wearing neutral-toned makeup.

"What a great early gift for Mother's Day," Hayek wrote in an Instagram post revealing the cover. "I love these beautiful photos by @nicobustos, and this special moment with my Valentina. Thank you@voguemexico!"

The dynamic duo was photographed in a series of other photos, mostly in black and white.

This also marks the first time they have posed together for a cover shoot. When asked by interviewer Irene Azuela if they liked working together, Pinault said "I don't know (laughs), we didn't do many things together when we were taking the photos or with the clothes."

Hayek also chimed in, saying, "In this house we fight over clothes because she takes everything from my closet. Then I find nothing."

The "House of Gucci" star also opened up to the publication about her personal journey and becoming a mother later on in life.

"I did it because I found the partner of my life, who had a stable career, but I already wanted this daughter so much that nothing else mattered to me," she said. "Neither my career nor anything, I think that helped me a lot. I also felt that I had already done many things in my life, so it was already a different stage for me because I had already done things that I was already very proud of."

The interview also revealed that we may be seeing Hayek's 14-year-old daughter on the big screen soon.

"I want different things, but I almost always move between four," said Pinault. "I would like to be an actress and then a director because that's what makes sense in my head. Also, I think it must be more difficult to be a director if you don't have experience on the other side of the screen, that could help directing."