With fall comes colder temperatures, fewer hours in the day, and for many, a ho-hum black coat that's more function than fashion.

Why not punch up your outfit (and your mood!) with a stylish statement coat?

Style expert Jasmine Snow told "Good Morning America" that women of all body types -- curvy, athletic or petite -- can pull off the trend if they know what to look for.

"It's really about pairing it with the right outfit and it's about confidence," Snow explained. "You're going to get that confidence when the coat fits you well."

But the question remains: How do you know what to look for in a fit? Snow's advice (and picks for some of the season's hottest looks) include:

Curvy women: Curvier women, particularly those with larger busts or broader shoulders, may want to size up, especially if they plan to wear bulkier clothing under the coat. Coats that are too tight will feel constricting, and in some cases, the sleeves won't be comfortable. "If you're uncomfortable in even just one area of the fit, you'll never want to wear the coat," Snow noted. "No matter what the fashion statement, the point of a coat is to actually cover you up, so short sleeves won’t work!"

She also added that small details can help accentuate certain areas of the body. The ASOS coat below, for example, has a faux belt to help nip the wearer's waist, and Eloquii specializes in pieces that are meant to fit a woman's curves.

Athletic women: Oversized coats are huge this season and can work for any body type, but Snow encouraged athletic women to be sure to show off their height while wearing the trend. "It's really about accentuating and celebrating the fact that you're tall," she said. "It's going to look really amazing on you if you have on jeans and maybe a heel. It's about celebrating your body!" Still, Snow cautioned against buying something too fitted: "Remember, when it gets very chilly you will want to be layering lots of cute sweaters and scarves under your coat, so keep in mind that you’ll need a little extra room for fit no matter what your body type!"

"The buttons on a coat should not be screaming while trying it on with a t-shirt," she continued. "That is a coat that’s way too small!"

Petite women: "In order for a statement coat to work on someone who's petite, especially if it's oversized, you want to make sure that everything underneath is fitted well and you'll want to show a little bit of leg. You don't want the coat to swallow up the person!" Snow said. One way to accomplish this look is to keep the coat open, though Snow acknowledged that in colder temperatures, that might not always be an option. "I would suggest either styling an outfit of layers underneath with the intentions of keeping your coat open and knowing you want to commit to the specific stylistic look of the open coat, or closing up the coat and adding a belt to make sure you still have some shape," she said.

Price: $127

PHOTO: Every woman can pull of a statement coat.
Every woman can pull of a statement coat.

Snow gushed that the berry tone flatters nearly everyone: "Style it with the right pieces and again, your own confidence."

Price: $69.99

PHOTO: H&M Knee-Length Coat
H&M Knee-Length Coat

Patterns like this plaid are undeniably fun, but Snow also advised women to be sure to buy pieces that work with their wardrobes.

Price: $120

PHOTO: I. AM.GIA Pixie Coat
I. AM.GIA Pixie Coat

"If you're going to buy a statement color, make sure it's a good color for you, obviously!" she said. "Think of the colors you wear."

Price: $228

PHOTO: Yumi Kim Aspen Faux Faur Coat
Yumi Kim Aspen Faux Faur Coat

Snow says women shouldn't be afraid to put their own spin on the oversized coat trend: "Rock it in your own kind of way!"

Price: $159.90

PHOTO: Eloquii Boucle Teddy Coat
Eloquii Boucle Teddy Coat

"When looking for a statement coat also keep in mind that while so many of these beautiful coats can be worn from office to playdate to night out and everything in between, it’s still a fashion piece that you’re selecting," Snow said. "Try to think of all of the outfits you’ll want to pair with it so you know you’re definitely going to get your wear out of it! No one needs one more piece hanging in the closet with tags on it. Make sure you love it!"

Price: $179.90

PHOTO: Eloquii Peplum Cape Jacket
Eloquii Peplum Cape Jacket

Great embellishments like the buttons on this coat can punch up an otherwise plain number, Snow noted.

Price: $238

PHOTO: Classic Leopard Coat by Helene Berman
Classic Leopard Coat by Helene Berman

Picking a coat in a bright color (or a classic pattern like leopard print) and "will add a little something extra to your day," Snow promised.

Price: $149

PHOTO: Something Navy Teddy Faux Fur Coat
Something Navy Teddy Faux Fur Coat

Teddy coats are cozy, cute and so on-trend -- and this version comes in a classic tan or a more adventurous blue.

Price: $249

PHOTO: & Other Stories Belted Wool Coat
& Other Stories
& Other Stories Belted Wool Coat

"The oversized coat is a huge, huge trend but if that's not your thing you can definitely go the other direction and do something in a bright color," Snow said.

Price: $295

PHOTO: Apparis Sophie Faux Fur Coat
Apparis Sophie Faux Fur Coat

Why not try a color you love but have always been nervous to wear? "Taking that risk and having a bright color or something that you feel really cool in is gonna give you more confidence," Snow said. "I promise you, you'll be really happy if you try it."