A pint-sized fashionista is taking over our social feeds with her impeccable street style.

Aili Adalia and her mom, Kanaya, are the brains behind Aili's Instagram blog, where the 6-year-old's 23,000-plus followers are absolutely loving her looks.

"It's something that's fun to us that we enjoy doing," Kanaya, who lives in Michigan, told "Good Morning America." "Of course, being her mom, it makes me ecstatic because it's not something I'm forcing her to do. She loves it and it makes me so happy."

Kanaya, who's also mom to 2-year-old Maddox, said Aili has always shown an interest in fashion.

"She kind of mimics me," said Kanaya, who also has her own style blog. "She [says], 'Mom, what are you wearing?'"

"She's a natural, it's just in her," Kanaya added.

In 2016, Aili was named the winner of a Christmas pageant and later began modeling for fashion brands.

But it's her Instagram page that's literally a family affair, with dad James Boler snapping the photos and mom helping Aili with outfit inspo.

"She'll tell me when she's not feeling it," Kanaya said. "I'm not going to tell her, 'This looks crazy,' but I help her. You don't want to force her to do anything."

Aili will sport the occasional splurge item, but the mother-daughter duo primarily shop affordable kids' clothing at Target, Walmart, Amazon, OshKosh and more.

Kanaya also designs some outfits herself for Aili, including a take on actress-singer Zendaya's 2017 and Cardi B's 2018 Met Gala looks. More recently, Aili channeled Tracee Ellis Ross' fashion moment from InStyle's November 2018 issue.

Each one of those stars re-grammed Aili's style portrayals, which garnered thousands more followers on Instagram.

"She's a little fashion blogger out here locally, and now she's gone viral," Kanaya said, adding that she teaches Aili to wear "whatever makes you feel good."

Kanaya is currently working on the launch of her kids' and women's clothing line.