First, the fine print: Not everyone will be able to find deals at the prices I’m going to show you, partly because airlines can (and do) change prices really fast thanks to supply and demand. But you can cut costs down for many flights by flying out of a big hub airport -- New York, Chicago, Los Angeles -- because the mega-cities typically have the cheapest airline tickets. Finally, don’t choose a vacation destination simply because it’s cheap, but I think it should be a factor. We have a wide variety here and with luck, one is on your bucket list.

Note: The following round-trip fares were found earlier this week using a deal-finding tool that searched for the cheapest prices for flights in July. Many of these deals are on unpopular days to fly such as Tuesday and Wednesday, but it’s how you score a better price. Take a look.

U.S. Destinations for under $200 in July

  • Austin. This Texas city bills itself as the live music capital of the world, but it also has lots of fine restaurants and fun festivals. Take a tour of the surrounding Hill Country, too. Fly from Washington, D.C. for $131.
  • Denver. This perennial cheap city boasts lot of outdoor adventure amidst the rugged beauty of the Rockies. Fly from Chicago for $119.
  • Hartford. This Connecticut town is the gateway to New England and perfect for scenic walking tours through historical villages and inviting coastal areas. Fly from Atlanta for $141.
  • Las Vegas. Yes, there are dazzling casinos here but don’t forget to explore the quiet beauty of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and other Nevada wonders. Fly from Seattle for $113.
  • Florida. If it’s warm weather you want, with maybe a beach and a hefty side of nightlife, this is the place. Cheap cities include Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando and more. Fly from Washington, D.C. to Orlando for $137.

    Caribbean for under $400 in July

  • Cancun: This Mexican resort is a favorite of families and Spring Breakers. Fly from Dallas for $253.
  • Grand Cayman: The tourism folks call Seven Mile Beach “a stretch of sand with infinite possibilities.” Fly from Philadelphia for $384.
  • St. Maarten: This perfect mix of white sand and warm water calls itself the Friendly Island, but see for yourself. Fly from Boston for $298.

    Europe and Asia for under $600 in July

  • Beijing. Lots to do and see in this city of 21 million, and the Great Wall of China is just an hour’s drive away. Fly from Los Angeles for $538.
  • Brussels: Foodies love the restaurant scene in this pretty city, plus it’s a great jumping off point to see attractions throughout Europe. Fly from New York for $537.
  • Copenhagen: Weather wise, a perfect time to visit Scandinavia, though we’ve been seeing year-round deals to Denmark for more than a year now. Fly from Los Angeles for $574.
  • Dublin: Always a good value, and the Emerald Isle is always worth seeing. Fly from Chicago for $533.
  • London: Five years ago, this would have been on our list of more expensive cities in Europe; see it while it’s still a very good deal. Fly from Boston for $485.
  • Madrid: This charming capital has only come down in price over the past few years; we also see deals to Barcelona on Spain’s coast. Fly to Madrid from New York for $538.

    Ready to shop? Remember to always compare fares. There are several ways to pay too much for airline tickets but failure to compare is number one.

    Rick Seaney is the CEO for FareCompare. Opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of ABC News.