At a time when more than 6 million people in the U.S. have had the flu so far this season, "Good Morning America" explored some apps that can help keep you and your family informed and healthy this winter.

The gif above shows where in the U.S. the flu is most rampant.

Of course always remember to consult your doctor if you're feeling sick and to read the fine print when downloading any app.

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Smart thermometers have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and Kinsa is one of many currently available on the market. You have to buy one of their thermometers for $20 (it's available on places like Amazon or Walmart), but you can download the Kinsa app for free.

The app lets you build a profile for you and your family, and it allows you to track their symptoms if their not feeling well.

You can also plug in symptoms such as cough, earache or fatigue, and it can tell you steps you can be taking to feel better.

The app is especially helpful for parents because you can plug in children's symptoms and it can offer guidance based on their age. For example, it can tell you when you should consult a doctor and give you guidance on how to soothe children's symptoms. A fever for a 1-year-old means something very different than a fever for a 10-year-old, so this app can help give your child the care they need.

Good Rx

If you're not feeling well that might mean you need to go pick up a prescription, and according to one recent study, prescription drug prices are rising faster than inflation rates in the U.S.

Good Rx is an app that can help you save money by finding the cheapest options out there for the drugs you need.

For example, the app can help you find a generic version of common drugs such as Tamiflu, possibly saving you more than $100.

The app is free to download.

PHOTO: A sign for flu shots is pictured in pharmacy in this undated stock photo.
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A sign for flu shots is pictured in pharmacy in this undated stock photo.