Behold the BootySprout -- the at-home, glute-training device that will soon be taking over your Instagram.

The BootySprout is designed to tone your butt by simulating weighted hip thrusts, but without any heavy weights.

Ever since Kim Kardashian's infamous Paper magazine cover in 2014, booty workouts have become all the rage. The $155 BootySprout, which is lightweight and folds up for easy storage, is designed to make them easier to do without leaving your home.

The device is designed and engineered by Michael Ballestero of California, who created it after trying the exercise at the gym and finding it difficult to set up the bench and weights.

"BootySprout is designed to easily and safely perform high resistance hip thrusts in the comfort of your home," Ballestero told "Good Morning America." "Hip thrusting is a fun exercise, and the results from weight training your booty are amazing," Ballestero said.

PHOTO: The BootySprout machine can easily assembled at home.
The BootySprout machine can easily assembled at home.

The patent-pending device is only 22 pounds and can easily be assembled at home.

"BootySprout is very easy to use, no matter where you are in your fitness journey," Ballestero said.

The device can fold up to be stored under a bed or in the closet.

Videos of the workout have already gained viral attention.

So ready to take your booty exercises to the next level? Give it a try!