You can walk into any gym and work out your body: tone your arms, strengthen your muscles, tighten your core ... but what about your face?

Enter FaceGym, the world's first gym dedicated to working out your face.

"We work on the muscles in your face to lift, tone and tighten," FaceGym's Community Manager Lauren Barnett tells "GMA".

Clients can come into a studio and let their face get worked over by a "trainer" all in the name of more sculpted cheekbones.

Supermodels Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk, and designer Alexander Wang are among FaceGym's clientele.

"People can't believe the results," Barnett says.

We've had customers say they've ... stopped doing Botox because of the results from FaceGym.

"We've had customers say they've been doing Botox for years and stopped doing Botox because of the results from FaceGym."

Just like any good gym session, each FaceGym workout has a regimen: warm-up, cardio, sculpting and cooldown.

There are a series of workouts you can choose from, depending on how much time you have, the areas you want to focus on and the amount of money you want to spend.

Trainers use tools for your workout to aid in the lifting and sculpting of your skin, such as an electrical muscle stimulator, which Barnett likens to "doing 200 sit-ups for your face," a gold derma roller that stimulates collagen in your body and minimizes fine lines, and a "face ball" designed to support lymphatic draining.

You can also take your workout up a notch by adding treatments, such as the new "Skin IV," which blasts your face with different vitamins and nutrients.

FaceGym has built up a loyal following in the U.K. and has expanded stateside in the past year. The company opened up its U.S. flagship store in NYC's NoHo neighborhood and a Los Angeles output is expected in April.

We are in the confidence-building business.

FaceGym wants to show that you can achieve sculpted cheekbones and a lifted brow line without invasive surgery.

Beyond being just a skincare company, "We are in the confidence-building business," Barnett says.

"Fillers and Botox, that may work for some people, but FaceGym gives you an alternative that you are just basically working on what you've got and being the best version of yourself."

Face Gym
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