Style June 8, 2018

How Aaliyah's brother collaborated with MAC on a line in her honor

Rob Beccaris/Getty Images, FILE
Aaliyah attends the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Sept. 7, 2000.

Aaliyah fans will soon have a big reason to celebrate.

MAC Cosmetics' limited edition line in homage to the singer will be available online on June 21 and the next day in select stores. The late singer's older brother, Rashad Haughton, told Vogue that he collaborated with the cosmetics company to ensure they properly honored his sister's legacy.

After sifting through Aaliyah's makeup, which was kept in a storage unit by their mother, Haughton and MAC were able to create a line that encapsulated her chic style -- and one he believes her fans will appreciate.

“My sister’s fans are so lovely and respectful,” Haughton told the magazine. “But if they see something that is not approved by [the family], they attack it. They are very protective of my sister, which is heartwarming.”

The idea for a collaboration came a few years ago when an online petition was launched, asking MAC to create a line in Aaliyah's memory. The performer, who died in a plane crash nearly 17 years ago, was a fan of the brand, Haughton told Glamour last year, adding that her favorite products were Cherish lipstick, Chestnut lip-liner, and Espresso eyeshadow. She also used the Chelsea lipstick and Biscuit eyeshadow, which are no longer available, he added.

Teen Vogue reported Thursday that the new Aaliyah-inspired line includes an eyeshadow palette (called "Age Ain't Nothin," it comes complete with three neutrals, a rose, gold, amethyst, silver, beige and black shadow), lip glasses ("A fresh, wet look was very important to her," Haughton explained to the magazine), lipsticks, lip pencils, and a bronzing powder called Baby Girl, a nickname her family had for her.

“We wanted to create a line where the minimalism is there," Haughton told Teen Vogue. "You can re-create those archive looks from videos and film, but at the same time, mix, match, experiment, and imagine what Aaliyah’s style would look and feel like in 2018 and the future."

Ron Galella/Getty Images, FILE
Aaliyah and her brother Rashad Haughton at the Urbanworld Film Festival Launch Party on Aug. 3, 2000.