Amanda Kloots recently shared the unique activity she did with her 1-year-old son Elvis to honor her late husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero.

Kloots, 38, opened up on Instagram on Tuesday about how she and her son made pottery with Cordero's ashes.

"Elvis and I had a special afternoon today," she captioned a photo of herself and Elvis making an art piece. "My girlfriend from years on Broadway has an incredible pottery business in LA and she invited us to make pottery using some of Nicks ashes."

"I have recently learned how many ways you can repurpose ashes and make new things with them. I think it is beyond beautiful, a way to keep him living!" she added.

Kloots went on to thank her friend for helping her memorialize Cordero, who died at the age of 41 on July 5, after facing complications from COVID-19 for three months.

"She had never incorporated ashes to her work before (and doesn't intend to do more) but because we are friends she wanted to try, to create a piece that Elvis and I could help with and have forever," Kloots wrote about her friend, who runs the account RareBird Ceramics on Instagram.

Kloots also explained more about the process of creating the art piece in her post.

"Once she mixed the ashes with the clay, threw and spun our piece, Elvis and I got our hands wet and put our hands into the clay to make our imprints on the piece," Kloots said. "It will be a vase!"

Cordero's widow added that making the vase with her son was "so incredible and really felt special," and called it "a way to turn something sad into something joyful."

"I think it's so beautiful what you can do with ashes to keep someone you love alive," she added.

Earlier this month, Kloots released a moving duet with her late husband in honor of their third wedding anniversary on Sept. 3.

Cordero previously wrote and recorded one verse and and the chorus of the song, and Kloots later added her vocals to finish the track for him. She said listening to the song has made her feel "closer" to her late husband and given her "a lot of comfort these last few days."

Listen to the emotional song here.