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Backstreet's back, all right!

The '90s pop boy band has an exhibition at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles called "Backstreet Boys: The Experience." It is open now through the beginning of September.

"The Backstreet Boys have proven to be one of the most successful groups in music history during their nearly three-decade career, making them one of pop's most influential performers," the Grammy Museum says on its website.

"One of the things that we were all very much on the same page about was making sure that this was a story for the fans, it was by the Backstreet Boys but it was for the fans," said Nicholas Vega, the director of curatorial affairs at the Grammy Museum.

Everything in the space is hand-selected by the band members, according to Vega, including clothes they wore on tour or in music videos, favorite gifts given to them by fans, artwork, photography and even a pair of baby shoes.

The exhibition is immersive as well, with interactive photo and video components.

One part encourages a visitor to upload a photo to Instagram, which they can then print and post on a mosaic wall, which officials say will be given to the band once it's full.

There is also a fan confessional booth where a visitor can record a message to send to the group, as well as a hologram they can jump into and sing along with the musicians.

ABC News' Leah Larosa contributed to this report.