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An entire museum dedicated to pizza opened this week in Los Angeles created by pizza lovers, for pizza lovers.

The Pizza Experience is a multi-sensory pop-up exhibit with a number of interactive rooms, including a Pizz’apartment, a Pizza Gym, a Pizza Church and a Pizza Box Castle.

"The way that we came up with this concept is actually a little funny," said Robin Boytos, CEO and founder of The Pizza Experience. "My husband loves pizza, and we made a bet if you could eat one forever food for every single meal for the rest of your life what would it be?"

Boytos said her husband wound up eating only pizza for 45 days straight and lost weight. Then he wrote a book about it.

"I was like how are we going to sell this book, let's put it in the gift shop of a pizza museum. And [now] we have a pizza museum, that's how it came to life," Boytos said.

"I hope people create new memories ... every single room is about memories and moments around pizza and we want people to create new ones here," Boytos said.

The Pizza Experience will run through January before moving on to Chicago.