A concert from the comfort of your own car might not become the new norm, but it's what one band is working on right now.

With the country slowly opening up amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Spafford -- an Arizona-based progressive rock group -- has a show at a drive-in movie theater in the city of Mesa on May 24. The Sunday gig at Digital Drive-In is Spafford's first live performance since the world plunged into lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, forcing artists to cancel or postpone tours.

The concert comes on the heels of Keith Urban performing exclusively for health care workers at the Stardust, a drive-in movie theater outside Nashville, Tennessee, on May 14.

"A drive-in theater provides the best opportunity for us to practice social distancing while maintaining a fun environment for ourselves and our fans," Brian Moss, who plays guitar and provides vocals, told "Good Morning America" about how the idea came about. "Digital Drive-In has the infrastructure in place for us to stay safe and still throw a rock concert."

Moss said he has full confidence concertgoers will be able to enjoy the show from their personal vehicles thanks to the venue's setup and it "should be no different from getting that feeling we have all been missing so much."

"People can get out of their cars to dance as long as they stay within their designated zone," Moss continued, reassuring us that, at the end of the day, "This will be a rock show!"

PHOTO: A poster for the 1st ticketed concert at a drive-in movie theater featuring the band Spafford.
Courtesy Spafford
A poster for the 1st ticketed concert at a drive-in movie theater featuring the band Spafford.

Jordan Fairless, who plays bass and provides vocals, said they are "hoping to set an example to other bands around the world" as one of the first groups to do this type of show. While he noted that the "opportunities are endless" with an event like this, he also acknowledged it "creates a lot of challenges because there's no model to refer to."

"After all, we are throwing a concert in the middle of the desert," Fairless told "GMA" of the situation. "All of the traditional aspects of putting on a show in addition to practicing social distancing from start to finish have been a factor, and our team is working around the clock to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely."

Andrew "Red" Johnson, who plays keyboard and provides vocals, joked that while the band has done some "pretty 'out-there' things" over the years since forming in 2009, this one "will make the top three for us." On top of that, he said it's "really exciting" for them to get back on the stage because "music is the most important thing."

Spafford has missed its fans during lockdown and social media has been the only outlet to keep them connected, said Nick Tkachyk, who plays drums and provides vocals.

"It’s just not the same as seeing them in person and we can’t wait for this show so we can see those smiling faces again, even if it is from far away," he gushed. "We are ready to play some live music again!"

For those not in the area or unable to make the show, the concert will livestream for free on Spafford's YouTube and Facebook. More information and tickets are available here.