Actress Courteney Cox recently shared a video that fans of the iconic show "Friends" will love.

The star of the classic sitcom, who played Monica Geller during its 10-year run, posted a clip of her visiting the apartment her character lived in on the show, located at 90 Bedford Street in the West Village in New York.

The exterior of the building was often featured in episodes of "Friends," although most scenes were actually filmed at a studio in Los Angeles.

In the clip, Cox says, "Goodnight, guys. I'm going home," before walking towards the apartment, with the show's signature transition tune playing in the background.

"The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000," she captioned the post, a nod to the style in which episodes were named on the show and rising rent rates in the city.

She added the hashtag, "#missthosedays," to the post.

During an appearance on "Busy Tonight" on Thursday, Cox explained how the post came about.

"I was having dinner and someone said, 'You know, the 'Friends' building is just about two blocks over,'" she shared. Once she arrived, she said she found that some people were taking photos outside of the building.

She then was encouraged by a close friend to share the post.

"So last night I posted that, and I was at Jennifer's house," Cox added, referencing her former co-star, Jennifer Aniston. "She's like, 'Post that now and see what happens,' because she's not on Instagram yet."

"I'm thinking to myself, it's probably better to post this between 9 and 12 because that's where my fans are," she joked. "But I didn't, I posted it late at night."

The video has since racked up over 1.6 million views.

Cox also recently shared a photo with another former "Friends" co-star, Lisa Kudrow.

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“IS THAT YOU?” What Lisa K said when I showed her this pic.

A post shared by Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) on Feb 28, 2019 at 12:58pm PST

Of course, fans are loving the throwback friendships.