Jason Derulo is giving his fans plenty of new music this July.

The singer released a new track, "Take You Dancing," on Wednesday and another track, "Don’t Cry For Me," which he describes as one of his "most personal songs yet," earlier this month.

Derulo, known for his chart-topping hits like "Talk Dirty," "In My Head" and "Whatcha Say," is also still celebrating the massive success of "Savage Love," his remix of music producer Jawsh 685’s "Laxed (Siren Beat)," released in June.

He performed the song on the "GMA" Summer Concert Series on Friday.

"Josh had this sound that was going crazy," Derulo said about Jawsh 685, whose real name is Joshua Stylah, during an interview with "GMA." "It was on TikTok, right? But how do we take him and formulate him into like a lasting producer, a lasting DJ even, and that's just with an opportunity to write songs. And I think 'Savage Love' is that song for him."

The catchy tune sparked a viral dance trend on TikTok and helped the singer grow his own massive account on the platform. Derulo currently has almost 30 million followers on the platform.

He said becoming successful on the video-sharing app requires a few components, including "a balance of extending yourself further than you would normally go."

"I think it's a perfect balance between trying to follow trends and pulling yourself into into your TikToks, you know, the things that you love doing," he shared.

"TikTok has a tendency to stretch me and makes me do things that I wouldn't normally do, and I have a lot of fun doing it," he added, emphasizing that he loves the freedom to experiment with new trends on the social platform.

Derulo said he's tested out some dances for his new track "Take You Dancing," but mostly just hopes his fans "have fun with it."

"I think the song itself is just a great song, so if it happens to go viral on TikTok, I think that would be an amazing bonus," he said.


Check my previous post for the dance trend ##TakeYouDancing @skylar_derulo

♬ Take You Dancing - jasonderulo

He said another reason he is a fan of the video sharing platform is because of the "even playing field" it has.

"Anybody can go viral tomorrow, and I think that's another thing that separates TikTok from all these other places," he said. "You can you can literally have nobody know your name today and then tomorrow, you can have a video that scores 60 million views because it was just that good of content."

Watch: Jason Derulo performs "Want to Want Me" on "GMA"

Watch: Jason Derulo performs "Take You Dancing" on "GMA"