Jennifer Lopez shared more details about her and Ben Affleck's wedding ceremony in Georgia last month in her On The JLo newsletter Thursday.

Lopez, 53, revealed that she surprised Affleck, 50, with a performance by recording artist Marc Cohn, who sang the couple down the aisle with "the perfect wedding love song," Cohn's "True Companion."

Apparently, it was the couple's favorite when they were set to marry the first time, back in 2003.

Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo in her wedding dress by Ralph Lauren.
Courtesy of John Russo
Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo in her wedding dress by Ralph Lauren.

Lopez's and Affleck's kids from their previous marriages also had a part to play: Lopez's twins Max and Emme joined Affleck's daughters Violet and Seraphina and his son Samuel in a walk down the aisle to the song "The Things We’ve Handed Down."

Lopez also noted the ceremony included dialogue Affleck wrote for his own 2016 film, "Live By Night".

"This is heaven. Right here. We're in it now," Lopez wrote, quoting the line of dialogue. "He also said it the night of our wedding reception in his speech, and I perfect."

Lopez also wrote that the couple "laughed the night before about getting married again at our age."

"We had both been married before and we aren't exactly kids any more but somehow now seemed like the only age that made sense...for us, this was perfect timing," she wrote.

"Nothing ever felt more right to me, and I knew we were finally 'settling down' in a way you can only do when you understand loss and joy and you are battle tested enough to never take the important things for granted or let the silly insignificant nuisances of the day get in the way of embracing every precious moment," she added.

Lopez shared photos of the trio of Ralph Lauren dresses she wore during the "rustic country-chic" ceremony and subsequent "yummy brunch." The first dress, she explained, was a short-sleeved number featuring more than 1,000 handkerchiefs and hundreds of meters of fabric, all ruffled and hand-sewn around the skirt.

"That night really was heaven..." she wrote.