Paris Jackson is opening up on who she looked to for advice when auditioning for her latest acting role.

The 23-year-old model and singer appears in Ryan Murphy's new "American Horror Story" spinoff, "American Horror Stories." She said received some words of wisdom from her godfather, fellow actor, Macaulay Culkin, before trying out for a role.

Culkin himself is a part of the horror franchise; he's set to appear in the upcoming tenth season of "American Horror Story," which premieres next month.

"They were very, very uptight about the NDAs and things like that," Jackson said about the spinoff during a recent interview with E! News. "But I did figure, he signed an NDA, he's in the AHS family. I feel like if I could tell anyone, it would be him."

She said before she auditioned, the "Home Alone" star advised her to "overdo it at certain points."

"Kind of like, overact and kind of make it theatrical," she remembered Culkin suggesting to her.

Jackson appears as an evil high school girl, Maya, in the two-part series premiere of Ryan Murphy's spinoff, which premiered July 15.

Check out the trailer for "American Horror Stories" below:

The anthology series is available to stream exclusively on FX on Hulu.

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