With a new season of "Dancing With the Stars" kicking off in less than 24 hours, "Good Morning America" went backstage to see how the stars and pro dancers are preparing for the latest competition.

Former NFL star Demarcus Ware said the hardest part is trying to look sexy in front of the cameras.

"I'm not used to ... trying to be more sensual for the camera," he said. "That's been hard for me. The only thing I had to do was, like, smash guys, be a mean guy."

PHOTO:  ABC News' Ginger Zee dances with Demarcus Ware behind the scenes of "Dancing With the Stars."
ABC News
ABC News' Ginger Zee dances with Demarcus Ware behind the scenes of "Dancing With the Stars."

He added, "Now I got to, like, smile and say, 'Come get me, baby!'"

For Disney Channel star Milo Manheim, the youngest contestant this season, the competition is all about the glitz and glitter.

"I have to say he is not afraid of some glitter," Witney Carson, Manheim's dance partner, said. "He wants, like, all the glitz."

Manheim, 17, said he feels the show "is such a great excuse to just ... do all these things, wear crazy costumes, get a spray tan."

"I'm so excited about spray tan," he added.

Actress Nancy McKeon invited her daughters to come watch her rehearse, describing it as "something unlike everything ... or anything ... they've been to or seen."

McKeon said she is also considering bringing back some of her famous hairstyles from the past, like her mullet.

"George Clooney and I ... both had a mullet," she quipped.

First time pro dancer Brandon Armstrong said he's stoked to dance with pop diva Tinashe.

"I got a good one so I'm really excited," he said.

Meanwhile, Radio Hall of Famer Bobby Bones shared some pearls of wisdom ahead of opening night: "I feel like I should take my own advice a bit doing this."

"Because, you know, what I always tell people is ... just because it's uncomfortable doesn't mean that it's unaccomplishable," he said. "And this is very uncomfortable for me."

Still, Bones is hoping to inspire others with his run.

"I can't tell people to go and chase uncomfortable if I don't do it myself," he said. "So it's just kind of me getting back into it again and showing people, 'Hey, listen, if this dorky white dude with big glasses can dance, or try, then you can too.'"

"DWTS" premieres Monday, Sept. 24, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.