When a 6-year-old girl was heartbroken over missing her school's father-daughter dance, her parents made her a magical experience at home.

"We had already picked out dresses for it," Janelle McAloon told "Good Morning America," calling the dance a "special moment" her husband and their daughter look forward to every year.

"My husband mentioned we should do one for her at home. Of course, me being the crazy, over-the top mom that I am, I didn’t hesitate to make the dream a reality."

The theme was Disney, the family's favorite place.

Ava and her little sister Lilly, 2, received an invitation to a ball "fit for a princess" in the "royal living room."

"They both couldn’t believe it and they spent all day wondering what the night would bring, and it was so fun to see what their imagination came up with," McAloon said. "My husband kept them busy with games and playing outside while I was setting up the room for the big reveal."

The Seekonk, Massachusetts, mom said when her husband Josh saw his daughters all dressed up it "brought a tear to my eyes."

As for Ava, her reaction was "priceless," McAloon said. "Her jaw dropped when she saw the room," McAloon's mother said.

Josh McAloon said he hopes the experience will also teach their daughters a positive life lesson.

"Having the ability to spend this time with my daughters and show them no matter the challenges you face, having a positive attitude and a desire to achieve can always bring light in tough times," he said.

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Editor's note: This was originally published on April 24, 2020.