A Texas mom who makes special letters for kids whose parents have to work on Christmas, has expanded her project in honor of front-line workers in 2020.

Stephanie Davisson, a mom of two boys, made her first "100 percent certified, Elf-approved" letter in 2018 -- offering celebration alternatives to Dec. 25 so that families can still share the holiday together.

Davisson's husband, Brett, is in the Army and sometimes works Christmas Day, which is why Davisson launched the Santa letters. Thousands of parents began reaching out to her, requesting personalized versions.

"I was shocked at the response and decided to make a few extra letters for other types of families who can't celebrate on the traditional date of Christmas," Davisson told "Good Morning America." "This year, when I updated for 2020, 'hospital heroes' just felt like the perfect title, given the year we've had and the sacrifices made by medical staff across the country -- and world."

In addition to hospital heroes, Davisson has now personalized letters for military and first responders, flying families and one requesting toy donations from kids to encourage them to give to others in need.

"It's nice to know we've been able to bring a little cheer to families, especially this year when so much has kept us apart," Davisson said.

By sharing her letters, Davisson and fellow military wives have raised money for the United Service Organizations to support service members and their families.

Davisson and her family are excited for a white Christmas at their next duty station, which is "just a sleigh ride from Santa himself," she said. They're also looking forward to their third baby, who will make his grand appearance any day now.

If he doesn't arrive on schedule, Santa has prepared a special letter for his big brothers and will make an extra trip when the whole family is home for the holiday.