Adrienne and Jason Biehl will soon be the parents of two infants by two different birth families, thanks to social media.

"We announced on Facebook, Instagram, and our blog that we were adopting and to have our friends share, share, share so that an expectant mom could reach out to us," Adrienne Biehl told "Good Morning America."

It worked. They were connected to their daughter's birth mother within two weeks.

The Provo, Utah, couple are now proud parents to 5-month-old Quinley, who was adopted at birth on Dec. 6. In February, an expectant mom of a baby boy reached out and the baby will be adopted at birth in May.

"We decided to adopt privately rather than using an agency," Biehl told "GMA." "This means we would find our own attorney, someone to do our home study, and the biggest thing, find an expectant mom on our own, do our own 'marketing."'

After five years of negative pregnancy tests, Biehl told "GMA" she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. But she said the couple didn't try "too many" medical interventions because it didn't feel right for them. Besides, her fertility doctor advised them to save for other options.

"We had discussed adoption before and knew we would probably want to pursue it eventually, but now it was time," she said." It was always more important to me to carry my babies in my arms and heart than in my womb. So adoption was a perfect option for us."

The couple is elated they will soon be parents to two babies. The Biehl's have an open adoption plan with both Quinley's "wonderful" birth parents and the baby boy's birth mother. "We are just supporting and loving on his mama in her pregnancy," she said.

PHOTO: Adrienne and Jason Biehl are pictured with the birth parents of their daughter, Quinley.
Adrienne Biehl
Adrienne and Jason Biehl are pictured with the birth parents of their daughter, Quinley.

Biehl said being an open book on social media and her blog was crucial to being matched with birth parents.

"I think our children came to us so quickly because we were so very open about our plans to adopt, and so excited to invite our friends into our journey, so we were front-of-mind when any of our friends heard about a potential situation, and they were excited for us and to help us," she said.

"As for what the future holds, we are so excited to be finally raise our babies that we know were meant to come to our family. We probably will adopt again in the future, but right now we're focusing on these two sweet babes," she added.