As it turns out, there may be two kinds of people in this world when it comes to bedding: Those who use top sheets and those who do not.

The top sheet people may be shocked to learn there's an entire group of people who buy a set of sheets and simply don't use the top one. Once you've had time to process that, the next natural question is, "So what do they do with all those unused top sheets?"

A lot, as it turns out.


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A recent Facebook post on top sheets received more than 120 comments. While a few expressed their surprise, far more had helpful ideas of that to do with those "hated" sheets, as one person called them.

Here are 8 ways to use your top sheets:

- Fort building

- Tarps for kids' painting projects

- Donate them to an animal shelter for bedding

- Use two of them to make into a duvet cover

- Use them on the beach or in the park

- Make curtains

- Make them or bring them to a tailor to be turned into fitted sheets

- Donate them to organizations making masks