One toddler's back-to-school picture is getting lots of love from "Toy Story" fans everywhere.

Ashley M., a mother of two from Missouri, told "GMA" she snapped the sweet photo two weeks ago just as 3-year-old Hanna was headed to her first day of pre-K.

Since Hanna is a big fan of the "Toy Story" movies, her mom got creative by having Woody, Jesse, Slinky, Rex and Buzz Lightyear bid her farewell as she left for school.

"We watch ['Toy Story'] a lot and I was thinking about how I could use these toys," said Ashley, who declined to give her last name for privacy reasons.

Ashley sent the photo to a blogger named Jill Krause, who shared it to her Facebook group, "Picture Play." It soon garnered hundreds of shares.

Ashley said she shared the photo with Krause after reading her eBook on how to take pictures of your kids and make edits using your smartphone.

Ashley said she was shocked by the attention her photo received.

"It's exciting," she said.

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