Building confidence in the kitchen begins with an eagerness to learn and the right equipment.

That's why "Good Morning America" Food is helping you get back to basics with culinary advice to help simplify the recipe for success in your kitchen.

PHOTO: Back to Basics: Grilling Hacks
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Back to Basics: Grilling Hacks

Fire up the barbecue because it's officially grilling season and we have three hacks to simplify your summer outdoor cooking.

Tin foil and tongs work just like a heavy-duty brush

Female grill master Susie Bulloch -- founder of Hey Grill, Hey -- said to "skip the expensive, dirty, and sometimes dangerous metal grill bristle brushes" suggesting to instead "use a balled up piece of heavy duty tin foil pinched between tongs to clean off your grates."

Use onion to clean and season the grates

This hack has been all over social media and for good reason, with half and onion, a fork and a flaming hot grill, those grates will be clean in no time.

First get the grill hot to help burn off excess charred bits. Then, using a halved onion, pierce the top at a 45-degree angle with a large barbecue fork and facing the cut side downwards rub it back and forth over the grates to remove built up grime. Plus, the oils and natural flavors of the onion will help preseason the grill ever so slightly.

Use a potato to prevent sticking

Similar to the sliced onion hack, using a fork stuck in the top of a potato with the cut side down, rub the potato over the hot, clean grill and the starches will coat the grates to help prevent proteins from sticking.

Skewers to stop tenders from slipping in the grates