TikTok users have shared everything from incredible to incredibly disappointing food hacks to impressive new recipes, but the latest trend puts a spin on a jar of peanut butter that boasts a jaw-dropping result.

Brandon also known as @shopsplat on TikTok shared a video of his nifty trick using a half-used jar of Jif.


This is so cool ! Watch till the end !

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With the help of some basic physics the new tactic helps people avoid getting their hand covered in peanut butter by reaching down to scrape out what's left when the container gets down to a short supply.

PHOTO: A jar of peanut butter is seen from above in this stock photo.
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Apparently, thanks to the video, all you have to do is give the cylindrical jar a spin on its side multiple times in the same direction and the force lifts the peanut butter from the bottom and sides to a perfect swirl at the top.

Brandon explained the trick in the video as he tried the process himself and even said, "I'm really doubtful that this is gonna work -- if this works, I'm gonna flip."

His video racked up over 36,000 likes and quickly went viral on the video sharing platform.


Incase you were wondering about the peanut butter splurge 🤣##equivocal_intuition ##fyp ##foryou

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The video was based on an earlier post by @equivocal_intuition that showed the powerful and fast spin method on the floor of his kitchen and opened the lid to reveal that it looked brand new.

Now go grab a jar of your half-eaten peanut butter, some celery or another food to enjoy the sweet spread with and give it a spin!