This new London restaurant is a cheese lover's dream: Come inside and spend your cheddar on a seat at the world's first cheese conveyor belt.

Pick & Cheese is a new British cheese and wine bar that offers customers a unique cheese-eating experience. Instead of waiting on your favorite cheese-themed dishes, at this place, they come to you by conveyor belt, plate after plate.

"It's almost an emotional experience for me to see these little beautiful pieces of cheese go off on their journey around the belt and to see people just take them and try them … there's a lot of joy there in that moment," said Pick & Cheese's head cheesemonger Sam Wilkin.

As a cheesemonger, Wilkin sources the restaurant's cheese and works with local British cheese producers to ensure that the best quality, home-grown cheeses hit the conveyor belt.

"Don't be fooled by the gimmick. Everything on the plate is delicious, small-batch, artisan-produced. It's very important to us that we support the small-scale producers in this country," Wilkin added.

Another big draw of the restaurant is its unique cheese pairings -- in addition to offering the better-known cheese dishes like the classic cheese toastie and jalapeño poppers. One of its more famous pairings is the combination of a tangy Stilton cheese with a chocolate and oat cookie.

Since opening its doors on Sept. 7, Wilkin said that the international attention Pick & Cheese has received has felt "gratifying."

"It makes me very happy to see British cheese take center stage" Wilkin said.