If you thought Amazon’s Alexa had already taken over your life, just wait. Now Alexa can also control your Christmas tree.

This November, the company is releasing a voice-activated, "smart" Christmas tree that works with Alexa to make your Christmas setup infinitely easier.

The Mr. Christmas 7-foot faux Douglas fir comes pre-lit with LED lights that turn on and off with your voice and change color on command.

Smart home devices have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, according to a report from NPR and Edison Research. Twenty-one percent of American adults -- people over 18 -- own a smart speaker, the report found. That means approximately 53 million people regularly ask Alexa or other smart speakers for help.

Smart plugs that sync with a smart assistant have been on the market to control lights and lawn decorations with your voice, but this tree takes smart home decor a step further.

The lighting options include red, green, yellow, blue, multicolor, sparkles and more. Its user-friendly design eliminates extra cords, leaving the tree's base uncluttered.

PHOTO: The "smart" tree lets you activate the Christmas lights with your voice.
Mr. Christmas/Amazon
The "smart" tree lets you activate the Christmas lights with your voice.

To set up the artificial tree, all you have to do is slide the tree sections together on the built-in power pole, plug it in and then use your voice.

You can activate the lights from a couch in another room or even turn them on by schedule.

According to Amazon, the tree looks realistic, complete with 1,750 flame retardant branch tips.