Go green this Christmas and decorate with recycled products from around your house.

These do-it-yourself upcycled ornaments are the perfect way to repurpose old magazines you have lying around. To top it off, they make beautiful decorations and are an all-around fun holiday craft.

We had professional crafter, Michelle Edgemont show us how to make the ornaments ourselves. Check out the step-by-step instructions below to do it yourself.

PHOTO: Turn old magazines into a beautiful holiday ornament.
Turn old magazines into a beautiful holiday ornament.

How to make upcycled ornaments

What you need:


Styrofoam balls

Ribbon or twine

Hot glue gun and sticks


Step 1: Gather your clip-outs

Rip out a few pages from your catalog or magazine, and roll the first piece up into a long strip. Twist the piece from each end.

Step 2: Glue your strips around the ball

Use the glue to secure your magazine clips around the ball, attaching in a circle as you go. Repeat this step until the ball is entirely covered.

Pro tip: Use an old tennis ball in place of a styrofoam ball to be even more eco-friendly.

Step 3: Trim off excess length from your strip

Cut off the extra length from the final strip of your ornament.

Step 4: Tie a ribbon on your ornament to hang

Cut some ribbon and tie the ends together to make a loop and double knot. Poke a hole in the top of the ornament, then add some glue inside the hole and push the knot of your string into the hole. Let the glue cool.

Step 5: Hang and enjoy!