Last-minute wrapper? No problem! These adorable DIY Snowman and Holly Berry gift tags will spruce up your presents in less than five minutes.

Professional crafter, Michelle Edgemont, helped us make these festive gift decorations!

What you'll need for DIY Holly Berry gift tags

Gift tags
Hot glue gun
Red buttons
Green paper

Step 1. Cut out Holly Berry leaves

After cutting out your leaves, use your hot glue gun to attach the leaves to your gift tag.

Step 2. Attach buttons

Step 2. Ta-da!

What you'll need for DIY snowman gift tags

Gift tags
Hot glue gun
Pom poms
Small stick
Sharpie pen

Add your pom poms

Add three pom poms to the gift tag, increasing in size from the bottom to the top, with your hot glue gun.

Make the snowman's arms

Break off and attach two small sticks.

Top your snowman off with a hat

Draw your snowman's hat with a sharpie.

Happy Holidays!