Tim is new to social media, and the Internet says, "Howdy, partner!"

As the head of security of Oklahoma City’s National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Tim was put in charge of the organization’s social media accounts while its doors remain closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I’m new to social media but excited to share what I am told is called 'content' on all of the The Cowboy’s what I am told are 'platforms' including the Twitter, the Facebook, and the Instagram," Tim, who declined to give his last name to “GMA,” wrote in his first Instagram post.

Tim’s 'content' comes in posts showing off the museum’s displays, highlighting a hat John Wayne wore in Paramount Pictures’ 1969 film "True Grit" and the 1903 Remington painting "Ray’s Troops."

Tim has also posted plenty of throwback pics with a few of his favorite celebrities- including Sam Elliot and Kevin Costner.

But what may be Tim’s biggest draw is his wholesome attempts to navigate the museum’s online presence with a dad’s sense of humor.

Thousands of users have showered Tim with likes, shares and retweets, spreading the word about the lovable social media phenom. Heather praised Tim for brightening up her Twitter feed during a particularly dark time.

Anjoli Fry is hoping Tim is here to stay.

Gina Anderson, the museum's communications strategist, revealed she got together with the organization's digital content manager once they received word the museum would close and asked Tim if he could help out.

"We wanted to find a way to keep our audience engaged and he was happy to participate," said Anderson. "We didn’t anticipate how much Tim’s authentic voice for the museum would resonate with people during this difficult time."